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Embellishment techniques


Take advantage of the effects, which we offer, in order to put an emphasis on a specific feature of your company or the characteristics of the product. This individual feature could make the customer choose your product over the others.

“Liquid Metal”


As a finishing printing process we offer the constantly gaining popularity “Liquid Metal” effect. It creates the illusion that the label is 3D and the printed details look like liquefied gold, silver, etc.

Hot stamping


That is a process characterized by transferring hot foil, which has a certain design, with a special cliché on the label. The result is a metal gloss, available in a variety of colours.

Tactile varnish


This varnish gives texture on a specific part or heading on the label. It is an interesting option to standard varnishes and gives the product a stylish and elegant finish.

Liquid Metal Течен метал
Ситообемен лак и цветен топъл печат
Ситообемен лак

UV varnish


The UV varnish is an additional layer which ensures better resistance to scratches and fingerprints. It enhances the colours and could be used as a mat and/or soft-touch effect. As a result you receive breathtaking vision and incomparable quality

Emboss/ Deboss


This effects emphasizes on a particular part of the label – image or text. It is stamped with a custom cliché, regardless of its direction – upwards or downwards.



In order to make sure that our products are safe enough we offer the printing of custom-built hologram images. For its creation we could use foil with a specific feature or it could be designed taking in regard your preferences.

UV лак
Релефен печат
Лого Печатница Дъга

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