Printing House Daga with a new investment


It has always been our highest priority to offer high-quality products. We showed that back in 2012 when we became the first printing house in Bulgaria to invest in digital printing technology for self-adhesive labels – XEIKON 3050.

It was only the beginning!

Based on immense experience in digital and conventional offset printing, we have quickly identified ourselves in the rapidly developing printing technologies and after 5 years of continuous investments in new machines of the leading manufacturers in the industry: MIYAKOSHI – Japan, ABG Graphics – England, New Foil – England and SMOOTH – Taiwan, we have decided to take a new step in our development by investing in the HP’s most advanced digital printing press – HP INDIGO 6800.

HP Indigo
Since 2018 our clients receive:

  • Excellent quality!
The widest digital colour range. We cover 97% of PANTONE® colors when using CMYK or HP IndiChrome (6 or 7-color process) approved by Pantone.

  • Wide range of printing materials

The press maintains the widest range of media in digital production, including synthetic and paper substrates with a thickness of 12 to 450 microns.

  • Smart Colour Management

The automation package guarantees accuracy and colour consistency. The built-in spectrophotometer and software tools simplify colour management and eliminate the need for manual calibration.

  • Higher precision and shorter deadlines!

Thanks to One Shot technology  all colours are transferred simultaneously with one stroke to the substrate. This ensures accurate and repeatable registration of any colour even on sensitive materials. The industry’s most powerful RIP makes it extremely fast to prepare orders, and the printing speed is up to 40 m / min.

  • Unique design

Infinite colour variations are achieved through the Hp SmartStream Mosaic software, creating the so-called mosaic effect. A technology that allows us to rotate and scale images. The result is the automatic creation of countless unique designs within minutes. This increases the customer’s sales, making their brand more recognizable and preferred.

  • Applications beyond labelling

The production of labels and flexible packaging on all kinds of films and paper, preserving the mentioned quality, guarantees the possibility of taking multiple orders of various nature. That’s how we become a company that will meet the needs of your brand, saving you time and resources.

HP Indigo - labels

  • Security

With the “Brand Protection and Security” technology, we provide security through microtext, follow-up monitoring and tracking capabilities, and invisible protective inks.

  • A to Z services

HP Indigo 6800 combined with our capabilities in finishing processes gives us the freedom to satisfy even the pickiest customer.

We do not think we should be content with less than the best in the future. Follow our site and like our Facebook page.

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