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Our products


Our first-class machines enable us to offer a great variety of roll labels – self-adhesive, metal and multi-layer labels. The original idea and the well-constructed design give a sense of liveliness, but only the first-rate printing could make the products appear recognizable and appealing to the customer.

Offset roll printing

We posses a technology for roll offset printing that assures high quality and stability of the print in long runs of self-adhesive roll labels.

  • High printing quality/ High quality and stability of the print

  • Printing with standard inks in CMYK, as well as fixed colours – PANTONE

  • Great variety of printing materials

  • Suitable for short, medium and long print runs

Ролен офсетов печат
Digital roll printing

The technology of digital printing, installed in  Printing  House  Daga,  assures  considerably high quality of the print (1200 dpi). We can ensure that by offering free colour samples. As a result you get a label which can be put directly on the product and be easily tested. What’s more, the printing of a unique element on the label is also possible.

  • High Resolution – 1200 dots per inch

  • Unique elements – numeration, messages, barcodes etc.

  • Less preliminary expenses

  • Short production time

Here you will find more information about our labels:
Етикети за вино
Winary labels
Етикети за хранителна индустрия
Food labels
Етикети за козметика и фармация
Cosmetics / Pharmacy
Етикети за химическа индустрия
Chemistry labels
Sheet offset printing

We can offer you printing with standard inks in CMYK, as well as fixed colours /PANTONE/. The various finishing processes – UV varnish, selective varnish, embossing, laminating, etc. will make your product even more enchanting.

  • Advertising campaigns

  • Great variety of printing materials

  • Boxes with diverse design and shape

  • Elegant paper bags

Листов офсетов печат
Sheet digital printing

We offer digital print of advertising materials with size up to 33*48 sm. The advantages consist in the fact that you get high print quality, short production time and lower preparatory expenses. This technology is suitable for short and medium runs for brochures, posters, calendars, visit cards etc. Thanks to the excellent equipment you can purchase a single copy of your product.

  • Short and medium print runs

  • High quality

  • Shorter production time

Листов дигитален печат

Our services

Design and prepress studio

Printing House Daga has its own design and prepress studio. You just have to tell us your idea and we will give you full support to see this idea realized. We will help you with the choice of material on which you could print your label or packing, we will offer you the extras that will make your product unique.

Exposure studio

We also have a studio for exposure of plastics for offset and sheet printing. That enables us to supervise the printing process even better – we achieve homogeneous colours and shorten the production time.

Quality Is Guaranteed


There is a Quality Management System implemented in Printing House Daga LLC –  a demonstration of our commitment to the quality of our products.

ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO  50001:2011

Here, in Printing House Daga LLC, we take deeply into consideration the management and control of the colours. We know that it is extremely important that the colours of a product look identical no matter where and how they are printed. That is why we apply spectrophotometric control on every single product.

tuv certified
Лого Печатница Дъга

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