The meaning of good labels

The design of labels is a creative process that cannot be described with a strict set of rules. However, among the great variety, some labels grab the attention of the customers more easily.

So, what is the secret of success? Are there any tricks that could help us create a good label?

Actually there is. To make the label design a little easier, we will share with you some useful tips from DesignContest designers who know the area better than anyone.

Ситообемен лак
Цветна палитра

Without a doubt, this is a key element. When choosing colors, you need to consider many factors, including the colour perception psychology. The design of the label should be different from the design of the package; they must, however, harmonize with one another. To choose the right colour combination, you can use special software such as Adobe Kuler.

Colours convey information faster and better than text. For this reasons, they are crucially important when it comes to making label patterns. Keep in mind that brand identity should use unique colour scheme: use the same color palette for labels, brochures, website, banners and other kinds of advertisement. That will help you highligth your products and make them more recognisable.

Do not miss the chance of non-verbal communication through the label colour.

Image, text and font

Illustrations can transfer associative information. A balanced combination of images and text creates synergy in the overall impression of the label. The proper ratio between these is a rule of thumb which will help you achieve the desired result.

Although colors and images are important components for each label, they cannot convey everything. Proper font selection is another key to achieving a good result. Avoid using plain fonts installed on all computers. In this ragard, make sure that the chosen font increases the overall impression of the brand and matches your style.  At the same time, the font must be readable.

Ситообемен лак и топъл печат
Label material

Before you start designing the label, you should decide on the material: white / transparent / creamy paper / textured etc. Sometimes it is advisable to make a test print run of the label with glossy finish or other effects, so that you can find the best print option.


It is alleged that text on the label has about 3 seconds to attract the attention of the buyer. Therefore, readability is exceptionally important for the design of labels. Meanwhile, the label must contain the brand name and the description of the product itself in a few words.

Print runs

Typically, the choice is between one face and one back label (with or without the so-called necklace) or a front label and two labels on both sides of the product. In the latter case, it is possible to separate the brand name from the description, thereby improving visual perception and recognition.


The unusual shape of the label may attract some more attention. In this case, we recommend using a white or light background. If a brand advertises products with different properties (for example, lemon, orange and apple juice), it is important to keep both brand recognition and the variety of products.

Етикети с различна форма
Contact information

There are hardly any companies which do not include contact information on the label. This is a great opportunity to establish contacts with potential distributors and enable the customer to provide feedback.

In conclusion, we would like to add that you should always pay attention to the competion. This will allow you to gain a positive experience and create a unique design on your label. Taking in mind the increasing competition, you have to use every chance to attract the attention of customers, including label design, one of the most effective methods of marketing communication.


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